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the Studio Organizer Will Not Run on 10.13 or Higher

  When Apple released OS X 10.13 they removed code necessary for the Studio Organizer to run on their new operating systems. Unfortunately there is no workaround available and the Studio Organizer will only run on OS X 10.9 through 10.12. With this in mind, if you would like to download the Macintosh version please […]

Upgrading from Version 5 to the Studio Organizer 7

REGISTERED USERS ONLY  Do not follow these instructions if you’re upgrading fromthe Studio Organizer 6.Click here for Upgrading from Version 6 instructions.$50 UpgradeClick Here to Purchase  SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSWindows 10Windows 8Windows 7 (SP1)Mac OS X 10.9 or higher4+ Gigs RAM500+ MB available on Hard DriveQuicktime 7 or higheri5 or faster processor recommended   IMPORTANT!These instructions include a download […]

Upgrading from Version 6 to the Studio Organizer 7

REGISTERED USERS ONLY Do not follow these instructions if you’re upgrading from the Studio Organizer 5.Click here for Upgrading from Version 5 instructions.Do not follow these instructions if you are currently using Version 7 and wish to update to the latest version.Click here for Version 7 Updating Instructions  $29 UpgradeClick here to Purchase Please read these instructions from […]

New Features in the Studio Organizer 7

You can register and transfer your Version 6 data into Version 7.Click here for step by step instructionsYou can install both Version 6 and Version 7 on the same computer. Registration & PasswordsThe Purchase and Registration processes have been updated to eliminate potential problems. Click the Purchase button to create your Master password and Registration Code. The […]

New Features in the Studio Organizer 6

Here are the changes that have been made since Version 5v23.Please read these notes carefully prior to upgrading. To transfer your data from Version 5 to Version 6please follow these Upgrading Instructions.  Please note Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported.  The Big StuffRegistration Codes are all electronic. You’ll never have to enter a […]

Converting Student Photos from Version 5

Version 6 of the Studio Organizer does not require a Student Photos folder, which was a major hassle in Version 5. FileMaker Inc. listened and made big changes in how images are stored. Now your images are stored in the software, and to improve network performance a smaller version (thumbnail) of the image is created […]