Converting Student Photos from Version 5

Version 6 of the Studio Organizer does not require a Student Photos folder, which was a major hassle in Version 5. FileMaker Inc. listened and made big changes in how images are stored.

Now your images are stored in the software, and to improve network performance a smaller version (thumbnail) of the image is created when the photo is inserted. This smaller version of the image is what gets sent over the network when it’s time to display the students photo. But the full size image is used when the photo is printed.

This greatly improves transmission speeds over your network, but it only works if you re-insert your images into Version 6. Photos inserted using Version 5 don’t automatically convert to the new saving scheme.

Also new in Version 6 — student photos can be inserted from any computer or iPad.

So the bad news is you’ll have to re-insert your student photos into Version 6, and the good news is this will eliminate the Student Photos folder (and the need to share that folder on your network) and the process can be done fairly quickly from any computer on the network.

Here’s what you’ll do:

Open the Studio Organizer 6 on the server


Open the Studio Organizer 6 on a guest computer then mount the Student Photos folder you shared in Step 5 above.

Go to the Student Info screen and click the List View button in the top left corner to display your students in a list view. Go to the Scripts menu and select Sort by Name.



Open your Student Photos folder and sort by name, if your image files include the students name.



Place the Studio Organizer 6 window and the Student Photos windows side by side as shown above.

Now to re-insert the photos, you can click and drag an image from the Student Photos folder into the photo field for the corresponding student. This will replace the current image with the image you’re dragging, create a thumbnail of the image, and save the image along with the student data.

After you’ve re-inserted student photos you can unshare, or even delete, the Student Photos folder.

Once this is done student photos will appear on all guest computers or iPad’s and only a smaller version of the image is sent across the network to be displayed.

Or, if you’d rather just take new photos, you can use the camera on your iPad to take photos directly from the Studio Organizer 6 running on your iPad.