TSO_Monitor-LeftFacingSince 1996 the Studio Organizer has been installed in thousands of schools all over the globe. It's powerful, versatile, and easy to use solution for managing your dance, gymnastics or martial arts studio.

The Studio Organizer is not a web based service. The software installs directly to your computer and is not rented month to month. All of your data remains safely on your computer. There are no limits on the number of students you can enter and you can share the Studio Organizer with other computers or iPads on your WiFi network.

An internet connection is not required at your school, however you will need internet access for technical support, payment processing and to watch the instructional videos that will teach you how to use the software.

We offer a variety of technical support options, including free email technical support and pay per visit remote control sessions. In order to keep the Studio Organizer affordable we do not have a call center or offer telephone technical support or customer service. These services are provided free of charge via email. You'll normally receive a reply in one business day.

You can easily move your data data between your school and home computer using the Transferring Data Wizard and a USB flash drive. The optional Premier Services includes integrated payment processing (USA only), free updates and half off remote control tech support.

Feel free to try the Studio Organizer for free for 30 days. There's no obligation, no sales person will call, and you can download the free trial as often as you wish. If you have questions while using the free trial, please click the ? button and send a message using the Support Wizard.

Integrated Payment Processing

Credit • Debit • Checks
(Currently only available in the USA)

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iPad & Network Compatible


Securely share your data
on your wireless network

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Free Technical Support

No Contracts!
Free & Unlimited Email Support

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Online tutorials make it easy to setup and use the Studio Organizer.

Free 30 Day Trial

Try the Studio Organizer with no obligation for 30 days.