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Instructional Videos

The training videos on our YouTube channel are the fastest way to get started. These videos will show how to setup the software and teach you how to use it's features.

You can also open these videos directly from the Studio Organizer by clicking the camera icon camera in the top left corner of the screen in Version 6, or by clicking the Videos button in Version 7.

Free Email Help Using the Support Wizard

Technical Support is provided free of charge via the built in Support Wizard. You can submit questions any time, night or day. No busy signals, no missed phone calls. And most importantly, no tech support contracts or fees.

The Support Wizard is the fastest way to ask questions — just click the Help button on the Studio Organizer screen where your question occurs and let the Support Wizard guide you through the process of creating an information packed message. You can even include screen snapshots using the Wizard.

If you've been asked to send your data files, instructions are here.

Support messages are normally responded to in one business day.


Record a Movie

Here's another fast, free method for getting help. Using free screen recording software you can record every mouse click and even narrate what you're doing.

Click a link for instructions: Windows  •  Macintosh

Search the Built in Help

Just click the Help button on the Studio Organizer screen where your question occurs and search the built in Help. There are hundreds of help articles that will teach you how to use specific features of the Studio Organizer. The built in Help has a Search feature, so finding exactly you're looking for is easy.

You can also use the Search field above to search this website.

Remote Control Support

Sometimes the best way to fix stubborn problems is to have an expert sit in front of your computer and see exactly what's happening. Using Team Viewer remote access software we can connect to your computer, watch your screens and even take control. There's a built in Chat feature so you can converse with the support technician.

Remote control support is far superior to telephone support, but is offered at the same price. The cost is $1 per minute with a $20 minimum. Remote control technical support is offered on pay-per-visit basis and appointments can be scheduled any weekday.

Click here to purchase a 20 minute Team Viewer session for $20: Twenty Minute Team Viewer Session

If you need more minutes, we'll complete the Team Viewer session then email you a Pay Pal payment request for the balance.

This is a propriatary version of Team Viewer. Please do not use other versions of Team Viewer since they are not compatible with the Studio Organizer tech support services.

Please be sure to contact Technical Support to make an appointment for your Team Viewer session.

Telephone Support

Sorry, there are no software companies in this industry that offer free telephone support.

Telephone support has been replaced with a much more efficient method: Team Viewer remote control. (See above.)

Only the Studio Organizer is Supported

From time to time folks ask us questions about their wireless router, networking, their operating system, or their printer. Although we might be able to steer them in the right direction, we can only provide expert advise and technical support for the Studio Organizer.

For all other software and hardware issues, troubleshooting and training, we highly recommend you have a computer expert who can assist you. Having your own computer guru is just as important as having a good dentist or mechanic.

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