Submitting Your Data Files

In many cases Technical Support will need to see your data files and duplicate the steps you are performing in order to help you troubleshoot a problem. These instructions will tell you how to do this.

Please note: These instructions are for the Studio Organizer 6 & 7 only.


First, let's provide the EXACT steps you’re performing on your computer.

This is very quick and easy to do. First, click the Tech Support button and click “Getting Troubleshooting Help” and in the Steps section provide the EXACT steps you are performing by using short sentences starting with the words 'Select' 'Click' and 'Type.'

An Example:

Click Wizards button.
Click Reports button.
Select Retention from the report category drop down list.
Click on the word "Absentees" to view the Absentees report.
Click the Create It button.
Click the Clear All button.
Select "Active" from the Student Status drop down menu.
Type "1/1/2015" into the Starting Expiration Date field.
Click the Continue button.

As you can see, everything you do on your computer can be described by starting a sentence with 'Click' 'Select' or 'Type.'

Since you’re creating a report, you’ll want to include exactly which report you’re creating, and exactly what’s being typed into each of the fields on the Find Options screen of the report. This is important information, so please be sure to provide accurate and detailed information.

Providing the exact steps you've performed is essential to solving the problem you're experiencing. Are you performing the wrong steps? Are you performing the right steps, but encountering an unexpected error? The only way to determine this is by knowing exactly what's happening on your end.

Vague Examples:

"I tried running the wizard but it doesn't work." Or, "I followed the instructions."

Please don't take any shortcuts here, and please don't simply restate only a general overview with no specific information. Instead use short sentences starting with the words 'Click' 'Type' and 'Select' and provide step by step instructions so technical support can exactly duplicate what you're doing. This is FAST, accurate and very easily done.

Once you've completed the above steps, send your tech support message from the Support Wizard along with a message that your data files are being sent in a separate message. This is important because your data files will be sent as an attachment, and sometimes emails containing large attachments do not make it to their destination.



After sending a detailed tech support message, the next step is to examine your data files. They will be used to EXACTLY DUPLICATE the steps you’ve provided above. I won’t be able to do this until I have EXACT STEP BY STEP instructions, please be sure to provide specific and detailed instructions.

To send your data files go to the Wizards menu (in the menu bar at the top of the screen) and select Backup Snapshot. Click the "Backup to Desktop" button.

This will place a backup folder on your Desktop. Please compress and email this entire folder. Please be sure compress (zip) the folder to assure your files make it to me through cyberspace since it's probably too large to email without compression.

When your email is received, a confirmation email will be sent. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your email did not transmit successfully, please send your email again.