New Features in the Studio Organizer 7

You can register and transfer your Version 6 data into Version 7.

Click here for step by step instructions

You can install both Version 6 and Version 7 on the same computer.

Registration & Passwords

The Purchase and Registration processes have been updated to eliminate potential problems. 

Click the Purchase button to create your Master password and Registration Code. The software will then be temporarily registered so you can begin to use the software right away. You'll receive an email with your Registration Code within one business day.

The Master password you create is never sent to, or stored by the Studio Organizer. It's completely confidential. When you register the software, a password reminder email will be sent to you.

You can also send yourself a password reminder email from the new log in screen by clicking the Log In Help button then clicking Send Password Reminder button.

There's a new log in screen that will always display the last log in name used and also has a drop down menu for selecting the names of Staff members.

Users can now email Tech Support from the log in screen, or send themselves a password reminder email.

Users can now Authorize an additional computer to use the Studio Organizer using the Transferring Data Wizard.

Student Screens

Version 7 has a completely redesigned interface to give you optimum performance.

This redesign takes into account today's larger screen. Use the Zoom and window resizing features to display more data or larger magnifications.

Texting: Added ability to add cell phone provider information.

School Screens

You can now limit the number of students that can enroll in a Class. Just enter a number in the Maximum Enrollment field at the bottom of the Enrolled folder tab on the Classes screen. It's still possible to enroll a student in a class that's full, just click the Override button when enrolling.

The Staff screen now includes fields for the instructor's wages for teaching a class, including a private contractor feature that sets a fixed payment per class. The Time Card Report now displays dollar amounts due to an instructor.



Promotions now has a dedicated screen. You can quickly view all Active students in a Style of Instruction and create a Test List or record Promotions.


Attendance Check In

Only Admin level users can edit Time Card Entires on the attendance check in screen.

Manual attendance recording now counts Membership Plan classes correctly.


Restoring Backups

Reinstalling and restoring backups has been streamlined.

Open Edge

Completely revised the Open Edge verification process to eliminate potential failures.

Added Details button to Open Edge credit card processing screen. This will display the technical settings used for the transaction.

Instructional Videos

Please note: The instructional videos for Version 7 have not been created yet. In the meantime please use the videos for Version 6. Although the interface is different in Version 7, many of the features are the same.

Networking & FileMaker Pro 13

Numerous changes have been made to eliminate all of the problems network users have reported in Version 6.

Version 7 continues to use FileMaker Pro 13. This means you can continue to use your FileMaker Pro 13 software as it is installed on your computer. No changes to your server or guest computers are necessary.

Please do not upgrade to FileMaker Pro 14 or 15 since these versions crash a bit too often, and are not compatible with the plugins used for encryption, updating and transferring data.

If you're networking the Studio Organizer 6, upgrading to Version 7 is easy. All you have to do is install Version 7 on the server and follow the Upgrading to Version 7  instructions.

In Version 7, guest computers will use the Open Remote dialog box to open a shared file named TSO7_Data.fmp12.

Please refer to the Version 7 Networking Instructions for complete network configuration instructions.


Any time you have a question, please search the built in Help or click the Tech Support button and use the Support Wizard.

An internet connection is required to send Support emails.