Studio Organizer 7 Version History

Version 7v20 - Released November 25, 2022

Changes to Open Edge payment processing.

Added a Decrypt Data button to the Wizards->Data screen. Use this before Upgrading or exporting data.

Version 7v19 - Released April 4, 2018

Expanded Style/Rank field in the Student Info/Style of Instruction portal if Membership Plan is empty.

Added a View button to display the invoice on the Cash Register report.

Duplicating Inventory items will now result in the Taxable field populating correctly.

The Promotions Wizard now correctly records the Completion Date as the Promotion Date in the Note that is created.

Version 7v18 - Released August 15, 2017

Changes to invoice duplication wizard. Added progress bar.

Added Payments Made To field to Cash Register and Payments report.

Added Show Only "Active" startup option to Settings -> Software.

Verbiage in Invoice Display drop down menu changed from "Due" to "Due & Past."

Fixed the Overwrite feature when adding a new checking account to the Vault.

Changes to a Routing # or Institution # on the Vault/Bank screen will now display a message asking to clear an existing Alias if one exists.

Added a Find Expired Cards in Vault button to the Find menu on the Invoices screen.

Version 7v17 - Released April 12, 2017

Fixed the Names and Bar Codes report to display full names.

Changes to button text to display long names.

Changes to Erase All Data button.

Fixed a log in problem using the Master password.

Picklists displayed from the Membership Plan screen now include the Category field.

Extra characters are automatically deleted from Open Edge credential fields.

Added 'Export Student Data to Text File' to the Print popup menu on the Student Info screen.

Fixed date formatting error for Australian users on Record Payments Wizard.

Added code to reset internal relational keys if empty: zk_Link-pk and zk_SchoolNum_fk

Version 7v16 - Released March 6, 2017

Fixed a blank Days Remaining on the Style Details -> Promotions screen.

Changes to setting the screen size at startup.

Version 7v15 - Released February 28, 2017

Fixed a bug in invoice duplication.

Added the number of checked students for Class and Style manual attendance check in.

Fixed negative number display on Style Details -> Promotions screen if no attendance has been recorded.

Version 7v14 - Released January 11, 2017

Changes to login process.
Fixed incorrect titles on the Custom Fields List View.
Changes to Support Wizard details.

Version 7v13 - Released December 13, 2016

Changes to Edit Attendance Wizard.
Changes to error reporting after updating.

Version 7v12 - Released December 7, 2016

Changes to logging in and opening scripts.
Added a Log Out button to the Moment screens.
Changes to attendance counters after updating or upgrading.
Changes to Help and Tech Support menu commands in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


Version 7v11 - Released October 25, 2016

Added yellow highlighting to the password field on the Log In screen.
Changes to Attendance counters after updating.
Changes to items displayed in Find mode on the Invoice Entry screen.
Currency settings now remain after updating to a new version.

Version 7v10 - Released October 3, 2016

Added buttons for Student Info screens while in Find mode.
Changes to registration expiration after purchasing.
Fixed expired demo message.


Version 7v09 - Released September 22, 2016

Changes to Macintosh application due to new Sierra operating system.
Macintosh users should backup their data then follow these instructions to update.


Version 7v08 - Released September 16, 2016

Fixed the default Window Size for PC's.
Added Student # to the Find screen for the Invoices Wizards.
Changed Export and Copy of Primary email addresses.
Changes to items displayed in Find mode on Student Info screen.
Corrected missing Transfer Data menu command on the Wizards menu.
Changes to menus at the top of the screen.
Changes to Purchase and Registration processes.
Changes to Backup validation.


Version 7v07 - Released September 7, 2016

Removed additional password dialog box.
Added a View button to the Detailed Invoice Items report.
Removed warning when enrolling students in classes with no Maximum number set.
Added a Print Enrolled Students button to the Print button the School -> Classes screen.
Changes to upgrading from Version 6: removed dialogs stating "The file cannot be opened because it is not a part of this solution."
Removed additional password prompt.
Added additional masking of the password on the log in screen.
Expanded student name field on the Names and Bar Codes printout.
Changes to Quickfind search options on the Invoices screen.


Version 7v06 - Released September 1, 2016

Changes to Log in screen and menu bar.
Changes to Support Wizard information.
Corrected error that caused Quickfinds to fail on some screens.
Fixed a bug which caused displaying the Settings to fail.
Corrected first column of School -> Passwords screen.
Fixed a bug that cause the Open Edge batch processing button to be hidden.


Version 7v05 - Released August 22, 2016

Changes to password reminder email.
The Studio Organizer 7 folder can now be deleted with no error message.
(In previous versions restarting was required because the bar code font was in use.)

Version 7v04 - Released August 18, 2016

Cleaned up Upgrading from Version 6 process.


Version 7v03 - Released August 18, 2016

Fixed a bug that caused logging in to fail if non-aphla numeric characters were used in a password.
Removed additional Authorize prompt if the computer has been previously authorized.
Changes to expired temporary registrations.
Changes to Support Wizard information.


Version 7v02 - Released August 15, 2016

Upgrading from Version 6 scripting completed. Version 6 users can now upgrade by following the Upgrading from 6 to 7 instructions.
Upgrading from Version 5 scripting completed. Version 5 users can now upgrade by following the Upgrading from 5 to 7 instructions.
Updating web pages finalized.
Version 7v01 users will receive an "Expired Registration Code" message when updating using the standard updating procedure. Please follow these instructions to update to Version 7v02.

Version 7v01 - August 5, 2016

Click here for the Version 7 New Features page.