Does the Studio Organizer integrate with Quicken and Quickbooks?

There’s a lot of confusion about Quickbooks integration. In most cases, software companies misuse the word. It’s mostly marketing hype. It’s also expensive, time consuming and unreliable.

Here’s what I’ve heard from users who have been down this road…

There’s no need to transfer all of your invoice, tuition and payment data to Quicken or Quickbooks. The invoicing and reports in the Studio Organizer are everything you need. Just create invoices for all of your tuition, pro shop sales, etc. using the Studio Organizer. You can manage your inventory using the Studio Organizer as well.

When it’s time to do the bookkeeping print the appropriate invoice or tuition report for the month, quarter, or any time period you desire then hand them to your bookkeeper. He or she can now make a single journal entry for the total tuition, invoices, sales tax, etc.

This is fast and easy. No double entry. No importing or exporting. No balancing two sets of books. No headaches!