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Recovering a Damaged File

If your computer crashes and you receive an error message stating:A File is Damaged and Needs to Be Recovered you have two options: A) Recover the damaged file. (Slower)Do this is you have attendance data from today you’d like to try to salvage. or B) Replace the Attendance file with the last backup Attendance file. (Faster)This is faster, but […]

Backing Up to a USB Flash Drive

For your peace of mind, please be sure you’re backing up your data each evening to a USB flash drive. Here are the steps: When you close the Studio Organizer 7 you’ll be prompted to backup.(Or go to the Wizards menu and select Backup Snapshot.)   Click the leftmost button in that dialog box to create a backup folder […]

the Studio Organizer Will Not Run on 10.13 or Higher

  When Apple released OS X 10.13 they removed code necessary for the Studio Organizer to run on their new operating systems. Unfortunately there is no workaround available and the Studio Organizer will only run on OS X 10.9 through 10.12. With this in mind, if you would like to download the Macintosh version please […]

Prompt to Save .htm files – Version 6 Only

 If you’re receiving a message when opening the Studio Organizer 6, please click Cancel and disregard this message.Macintosh users will see .htm files on their Desktop. Please delete them.What’s Happening?In October 2016 changed the way .htm files were shared with users. The Studio Organizer 6 uses .htm files hosted by Dropbox to provide registration information. Version […]

Submitting Your Data Files

In many cases Technical Support will need to see your data files and duplicate the steps you are performing in order to help you troubleshoot a problem. These instructions will tell you how to do this. Please note: These instructions are for the Studio Organizer 6 & 7 only. DUPLICATING YOUR STEPSFirst, let’s provide the […]

Retrieving the Master Password

In the Studio Organizer 6 you create your own Master password. This is done when you register the software. Your password is never sent to the Studio You are also sent an email that includes the password you’ve created when you register the software.The first thing to check is that your have ONLY the word Master […]

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