Backing Up to a USB Flash Drive

For your peace of mind, please be sure you're backing up your data each evening to a USB flash drive. Here are the steps:
When you close the Studio Organizer 7 you'll be prompted to backup.
(Or go to the Wizards menu and select Backup Snapshot.)
Click the leftmost button in that dialog box to create a backup folder on your Desktop.
This will create a numbered folder on your Desktop as well as backup files inside your Studio Organizer Data folder.
Copy the numbered backup folder from your Desktop to your USB flash drive.
(You'll only need to keep the latest backup folder on your USB.)
You can delete the numbered backup folder on your Desktop after it's been copied to your USB flash drive. There's no need to keep them.

That's it! Please do this every day.
To restore your backup data, select Restore Snapshot from the Wizards menu. 
Or if there's a problem that prevents you from doing this, you can restore using the files on USB to any computer at any time by following these instructions: