Manually Installing Update Files – the Studio Organizer 7

If your Studio Organizer 7 folder is not or your Desktop,
 or you see this error message when attempting to update
please follow these instructions.



Perform these instructions only on the Primary computer that was used to create your Registration Code.

If you've used the Transferring Data Wizard to move your data to a different computer, transfer your data back to your Primary computer before completing these steps. 

Network Users

Updates must be installed on the server only. Nothing needs to installed on your guest computers after updating, but please be SURE to test the update on ALL guest computers on your network immediately after updating.

If networking is not working: open the software on the server with your Master password (other passwords cannot be used) then go to File the menu, select Sharing -> Share with FileMaker Clients... and verify networking is turned on and all files are available to all users. Turn file sharing off then on again and restart your computer.

Port 5003
Port 5003 is used by FileMaker Pro to send network traffic. Please be sure this port is open in router and computer firewall's.


Do not follow these instructions if you are currently using Version 5 or 6 and wish to convert your data to Version 7.

Click here for Upgrading from Version 6 Instructions 

Step 1

Open the Studio Organizer 7 with an Admin level password.

If you're networking, do this on the server with no guests connected.

The software may automatically display a message, or you can check for updates by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu at the top of the computer screen.

Check for Updates

Or go the Wizards screen then view the Data screen and click the Check for Updates button.

Step 2

If a Software Update Available message appears click Update.

Update Available

Step 3

Click Update to a Newer Version.

Step 4

The software will begin backing up. This may take a moment.

One Moment Please

Step 5

After backing up has been completed, click Quit and Download.

Download Update

This will close the software and open your web browser to a special download web page.

Finish Updating


Do not complete the following steps if you have not created a current backup of your data files.

Step 6

At this point these instructions differ from the standard updating steps, so please close the Update web page that was opened and click the Download icon below to download the Studio Organizer update files.


Click to Download

Step 7

After the download is complete, unzip/extract the archive.

Open the Update Files folder and select all three files. Right click and select Copy.

Windows users can also click the Copy button on the Home menu.


Macintosh users can select Copy from the Edit menu.


Do not complete the following steps if you have not created a current backup of your data files.

Step 8


Windows Users

Locate and open your Studio Organizer 7 folder.

Open the Data folder.

Right click and select Paste or click the Paste button on the Home menu.



Macintosh Users

Locate and open your Studio Organizer 7 folder.

Right click and select Paste or select Paste 3 Items from the Edit menu.



Step 9

When a warning dialog box appears stating these files already exist in this folder, click Replace to confirm you wish to overwrite the existing files.


Windows Replace Dialog Box


Macintosh Replace Dialog Box

Step 10

Open the Studio Organizer 7 as you normally do. No password is required.

A Finish Updating to Version 7 dialog box will appear. Click Finish.



The Updating Wizard does all the work and will let you know when your data has been successfully transferred.

All of your data and photos will transfer. Nothing is lost.

After updating is complete you'll be asked to log into the software. Use your regular password.

The new version of the Studio Organizer 7 will open.


What's New?

To see what's new, please read the Version History.

Need Help?

If you run into trouble while updating, we'll be happy to help. Please click the Tech Support button and use the Support Wizard to submit your request for help.

Please be sure to include:
The exact number of the Step in the above instructions you're performing
The exact error message or undesired result
Screen snapshots of error messages
Any revenant information about your computer or recent changes