Installing on a computer with no Internet connection

How do I get the Studio Organizer and/or FileMaker Pro on my computer at school if there’s no internet connection?

If you don’t have an internet connection at your school, this won’t be a problem, all you’ll need a USB flash drive.

Start at a computer that has an internet connection, go the Downloads page and download the installer file.

Be sure to wait until the download has completed. The installer file will be in the your Downloads or Desktop folder, depending on how you have your web browser set up.

For PC’s the installer file is named Setup_TSO7.exe. For Mac’s the file is called TSO7.dmg.

Copy the installer file to your USB flash drive.

You’ll then take the flash drive to your school, copy the files to the desktop of the school computer, then run the install file. (Don’t run the installer files off of the USB flash drive.)

And of course, you’ll be able to use the same USB flash drive to transfer your Studio Organizer data between your school and home computers using the Transferring Data Wizard.