Software Will Not Open

Are you launching the Studio Organizer but no screens appear? There are a few reasons why the Studio Organizer will open...

Windows Users

If you've opened the Studio Organizer and can see it's icon on the Task Bar, but no Studio Organizer screens or windows are displayed it's possible the application has been hidden. This is a mysterious quirk in the Windows operating system; it will decide to Minimize an application, therefore not displaying any windows of the application. The reasons for this are unknown, but it's happened enough that this is a known issue with all versions of Windows. Fortunately there's an easy fix.

Launch the Studio Organizer application.

Hold the SHIFT key and right-click the Studio Organizer 7 icon on the taskbar.

A menu will display, select Maximize.


Launch the Studio Organizer application.

Press Alt + Control + Delete.

Open Task Manager.

Expand the FMP Runtime application by clicking the down arrow.

Right click on the Studio Organizer 7 app.

Select Maximize from the popup menu.

Macintosh Users

Please be sure you are using Macintosh OS X  10.9 - 10.12.

OS X 10.13 and higher are not 32 bit compatible and will not run the Studio Organizer.

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