Enroll in Premier Services

$19 per month *

Includes Open Edge Payment processing
Free Studio Organizer Software Updates
50% Off Remote Control Tech Support
No Obligation - Cancel anytime

* Does not include Open Edge transaction and regulatory fees.

Enrollment in Premier Services is optional. You'll enroll in this program if you'd like to use Open Edge payment processing.

Version 7v11 or higher and an internet connection is required.

Open Edge Payment Processing is currently only available to Studio Organizer users in the US and Canada.
Open Edge will be adding additional countries in the near future.
Check processing is not available in Canada at this time.

Video Instruction for Open Edge Payment Processing

There are a total of seven videos for Open Edge payment processing.
When you watch the first video, the second video begins to play automatically, and so on...
You can access the video playlist by clicking the playlist playlist icon in the top left corner of the screen below.