Install Test Studio Organizer 7v21

This is a special version of the Studio Organizer 7v21 which can be installed on any computer without affecting the current installation of your software.


Transferring your Data into 7v21

What we’re going to do is create backup files of your current 7v19 data, install version 7v21, then place those backup files into the 7v21 Data folder and Restore the backup. Here are the steps:


1. Start at the main computer where the Studio Organizer 7v19 is installed.

2. Open 7v19 with the Master password.

3. Go the Wizards menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Backup Snapshot.

4. Single click the “Also Create a Backup Folder on Desktop” button.
This will create a numbered backup folder on your Desktop.

5. If you will be installing Version 7v21 on a different computer, copy the numbered backup folder to a USB flash drive, Dropbox or Google Drive. (Be sure to select the correct backup folder.)

6. Go the the computer that will be testing version 7v21

7. Click here to download the test version of 7v21.

8. Run the “Setup TSO 7v21.exe” file.
Click “Yes” if asked to trust this installer.
Click “Allow Access” if Windows Firewall requests permission.

9. Open the “Test OE Studio Organizer 7” folder installed on the Desktop.

10. Open the “Data” folder.

11. Insert your USB flash drive, or open Dropbox or Google Drive and open the backup folder you copied in Step 5.

12. Select the two two backup files and click the Copy button, or right click and select Copy.

13. Paste the two backup files into the “Data” folder inside the “Test OE Studio Organizer 7” folder.

14. Open the Studio Organizer 7v21 by double clicking the “1_TSO 7 Data.fmp12” file inside the “Data” folder or double clicking the “Shortcut to Studio Organizer 7v21” shortcut inside the “Test OE Studio Organizer 7” folder. (A desktop shortcut is not created with this installation.)

15. The software will open without a password.

16. Go to the Wizards menu at the top of the screen and select “Restore Snapshot.”

Your data will now be transferred into Version 7v21 and you can begin testing Open Edge Host Pay.

Please note you’ll be using the live version of the server, so transactions will be processed if no errors are encountered.