Download the Studio Organizer 7v19

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Registered Users
Do not reinstall the software.
See the Troubleshooting notes below.

Where's the Macintosh Version?

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Free 10 Day Trial

Try the Studio Organizer with no obligation for 10 days. All of the data entered during the free trial can be saved, or you can start from scratch when you purchase.

The free trial and the full working version are one and same. When you register the Studio Organizer 7 the limitations of the trial version are removed, so there's nothing additional to download or install once you purchase the software.

Please install the Studio Organizer on the computer you wish to be your PRIMARY computer. To purchase, click the Purchase button on the Student Info or School Info screen. Complete the forms to create your Registration Code and Master password. An internet connection is required. You will receive a Registration Code email within one business day of submitting your Registration Code request and payment.

Troubleshooting for Registered Users