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Software Will Not Open

Are you launching the Studio Organizer but no screens appear? There are a few reasons why the Studio Organizer will open…Macintosh UsersPlease be sure you are not using Macintosh OS 10.13 or higher. These versions of Apple’s operating system either removed some necessary code, or has bugs that prevent the Studio Organizer from running.Click here […]

Remove Avast! Anti-Virus Warning

If you’re using an outdated version of Avast! Anti-Virus software it will falsely report the Studio Organizer contains a virus. Avast! has updated their software to correct this. Please update your Avast! software to the most current version, restart your computer, then download the Studio Organizer again.

Remove Macintosh “Unidentified Developer” Warning

 Apple charges a fee for software companies to become “Apple Certified.” We don’t participate in their program, so it’s likely you’ll see an error message while trying to install the Studio Organizer on your Macintosh.Here are the steps to remove the error message: Step 1Open the System Preferences, then open Security and Privacy. Step 2To unlock this […]