Can I import data from another software program?

Yes. You can import data from another software package or Excel. It’s quite common, as matter of fact.

It’s a bit technical and it’s never a perfect conversion. It’s definitely a matter of trial and error, but a skilled computer person will be able to transfer the majority of your student information, addresses, attendance, etc. into the Studio Organizer. If you’ve never imported data or worked with tables and fields, you’ll want to assign this chore to a computer expert.

All the details are in the built in Help of the Studio Organizer. Just click the ? button on any screen, or select Built In Help from the Help menu at the top of the screen.

Next select Importing from the drop down list of help categories. Click on a title on the left to display the text on the right. Print the article since you’ll want to have this material in front of you while importing.

The free 30 day trial does allow importing. Feel free to experiment with importing your data before purchasing the Studio Organizer so you can see what information will transfer.