Retrieving the Master Password

In the Studio Organizer 6 you create your own Master password. This is done when you register the software. Your password is never sent to the Studio You are also sent an email that includes the password you’ve created when you register the software.

The first thing to check is that your have ONLY the word Master in the Account Name field when logging in.
The Account Name CANNOT contain any other text, it MUST contain the word Master.

We do not receive or store any of your passwords, however you can retrieve your Master password by logging into the software with:

Account Name:    get
Password:            password

You will be required to enter the primary email address used to register the software. An email containing the Master password you created will be emailed to this address only.
When logging in, please be sure the Account Name is Master. If there is any other text in the Account Name field of the log in dialog box, be sure to delete it and type Master