Medical Information

Jeffrey A. Pagano
1625 Lorane Hwy
Eugene, OR  97405

Born May 16, 1962
I've had a motorcycle accident in October of 2107 that resulted in cognitive damage.
I had something pop in my head in January of 2019 that caused me to lose me job and I was in bed for three months.
I had another relapse in February of 2021 and this forced me to quit college, because I could no longer use a computer due to vertigo.
Vertigo, migraines, disorientation, fatigue, constant head pain and pressure, nausea, poor energy, poor appetite, depression, anxiety, constant bedrest, balance issues and an inability to use a computer.
I also have to avoid turning my head too often, loud noises, noisy environments, fast talkers and excessive hand gestures because this a stimulation overload that rapidly brings on my symptoms, forcing me to lay down.
Over the past four and half years I've tried occupational therapy, vision therapy, vestibular therapy, massage, acupuncture, seen a neurologist, I've been treated by four chiropractors, have been evaluated for the Epley maneuver, and have had a MRI. Click here for the MRI Report
Warm Laser Therapy has been life changing! After only one treatment my vertigo has been decreased and I'm able to use a computer again. I'm still experience brain fog, constant headaches and fatigue, but the recurrence of migraines has been cut in half.
A second treatment was done while I was having a migraine and it ended after two hours of rest.
After the third treatment the vertigo from looking up or bending down to reach for things is decreased and the pain in my torn rotator cuff has lessened.
After the fourth treatment the left shoulder improved significantly, and the day to day vertigo continues to decrease requiring less rest.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will end a migraine in 30 minutes and 34 sessions improved mental clarity until I had to discontinue treatment due to finances.
Massaging the back of the neck and ears has proven to lessen the vertigo and disorientation.
Weight lifting, especially heavy weights, low reps, helps clear the brain fog.
Omega 3's have reduced brain fog as well.
CBD's are essential for pain relief when a migraine hits.
Rest has been mandatory over the past four years. The disorientation is exhausting and holding my head still calms the constant sense of motion.

I tore my abdominal wall mowing an overgrown lawn. This resulted in two trips to the ER and an ultrasound before a correct diagnosis was made.
I was evaluated by a surgeon who advised only surgery would repair this injury, but PacificSource denied surgery since I don't have the right type of hernia.
This injury still causes daily pain.

I injured my left shoulder trying to push start my motorcycle. No imaging has been done.
Massage and acupuncture have helped, but I still experience daily pain.

I have two herniated discs in my low back. I was rear ended by a texting driver in 2014, then again in 2016. These were treated with chiropractic care and acupuncture, however this is still an unresolved injury. I have the reports from 3 or 4 MRI's if needed. I experience low back pain on a daily basis and take precautions when lifting.

Before the brain injuries I was a software developer and this is my website.