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Lessons From the Road

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eBook-LessonsWhat are you really selling? Why do students quit?
What subconscious senses are working against you?
What are the most common (and easily avoidable) mistakes studio owners make?

This is Your Brain

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The #1 mistake studio owners make is attempting to use a computer to manage a business without having a computer helper. This brief eBook explains how we learn, how we sabotage our success, and how to find the perfect person to be your computer guru.

Drop Box

Free Internet Backup Service

Fast, easy internet backup of the files you choose! You'll never have to worry about losing your data again, because even if you lost your computer, your Dropbox files are still safely stored on the 'net.

Mail Chimp

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Create beautiful email messages, schedule campaigns, manage subscriptions and your email lists. Powerful, easy to use, and free for 2000 or less addresses.

Tournament Software

Free Online Software offers free online tournament tracking. There are a variety of different bracketing options and the data be easily shared.

Google Calendar

Free Online Calendar

Google calendars are a great way to share appointments and activities among your staff and students.