Recommended Extras

The Studio does not sell or support any of these items, but here are a few of our top recommendations...

Bar Code Scanners



We recommend these bar code scanners because they've proven to survive years of abuse in schools just like yours. We used to sell these directly to our customers, but now there are online merchants that offer great prices and easy shipping no matter where you are in the world.

To purchase one of these scanners just type the make and model of the scanner you're interested in into your favorite search engine or

Also, make sure you purchase the model with the correct cable for your computer. That probably means you'll be looking for a USB connection.

You can use almost any bar code scanner with the Studio Organizer. If you already own a bar code scanner or would like to use a different model than shown here, you can do this.

The built in Help in the Studio Organizer contains an entire section on bar codes and scanning.

Just click the Help button and select Bar Codes & Scanning from the drop down list of categories and read "Using Your Existing Scanner" and "Bar Code Scanner Setup."

Unitech MS 210

This is the least expensive scanner we recommend. It's a popular choice because it's affordable and can be used for attendance check in or scanning inventory items into an invoice.

Click here for instructions

Unitech MS 146

This is the best choice if you'll only be scanning attendance cards. Hands free swiping lets students check in fast since there's no scanner to pick up and no trigger to squeeze.

Click here for instructions

Honeywell 1300G

This durable scanner with a long range laser offers the best of both worlds. It has an "Always On" mode so you can simply wave a bar code in front of it for fast attendance check in, and it can be used to scan the bar codes on your merchandise.

We recommend also purchasing the "hands free" stand, which is sold separately.

Click here for instructions

Credit Card Reader

If you're using Open Edge to process credit cards, we recommend the MagTek 21073062 Dynamag magnetic stripe reader.

This reader does not read bar codes, only magnetic stripes on credit cards.

Student ID Cards

The Studio Organizer is compatible with Avery 5361 Self Laminated ID cards.

They can be purchased from your local office supply store or online. Just type "Avery 5361" into your favorite search engine or

Customized Key Tags

Would you like to have bar coded key tags printed with your school logo?

We recommend
Suncoast Identification Solutions
at 800-749-1011 x204

Receipt Printers

Star Micronics TSP 100

This is a great entry level receipt printer. There are three variations to choose from. Click here for details.

The print drivers are included in the box, but you'll find the most current print drivers on the Star Micronics support page.


Star Micronics TSP 650

These receipt printers cost a bit more, but they're faster and more durable.
Click here for details.

The print drivers are included in the box, but you'll find the most current print drivers on the Star Micronics support page.

Cash Drawers

APG Vasario Cash Drawers

There are a variety of APG Vasario cash drawers that are compatible with the Star Micronics receipt printers listed above.

Be sure the cash drawer you purchase is compatible with your specific model of receipt printer, and be sure to get the correct cable and mounting brackets.

 With the correct cable and printer settings, you can program the cash drawer to open each time a receipt is printed from the Studio Organizer, or any other software on your computer.

Touch Screen Monitors



You can use the Studio Organizer with any touch screen monitor that will work with your computer. The software will automatically recognize the touch screen, just as it recognizes your mouse, keyboard and monitor.

No special settings in the Studio Organizer are required.