The Studio Organizer is designed to be easy to use, and easy on the eye. This is "software designed with the user in mind." Easy to use wizards help you record payments, attendance, membership plans, promotions and more. User selectable backgrounds let you customize the look and feel of the software.

The Studio Organizer is not a web based service. The software installs directly to your computer and is not rented month to month. All of your data remains safely on your computer.

Youtube logoAn internet connection is not required at your school, however you will need internet access at your home computer for technical support, payment processing and to watch the instructional videos that will teach you how to use the software. Try the Studio Organizer for 10 days. There's no cost and no obligation.

Enter All of Your Students and Prospects

Feel free to enter as many students or prospects as you wish.
Just don't go over 64 quadrillion records or 8 terabytes of hard drive space.
(A terabyte is 1000 gigabytes.)

The Trial Version is limited to 100 student records.

Membership Plans

Do you offer package membership plans? The Studio Organizer will let you create as many combinations of merchandise and classes as you can imagine, then enroll a student in a Plan with just a few mouse clicks.

Flexible Attendance Recording

Record attendance in seconds! Whether you want students to check themselves in, check themselves out, check into several classes in advance or record attendance after class, the Studio Organizer gives you a variety of powerful attendance recording options from fully automated to manual entry.

You can even limit the number of times a student can check in per day, week or month. And the Edit Attendance Wizard let's you quickly revise attendance entries.

Ten Birthday Songs

Your students will love the ten birthday songs from Silver Apple Media! Birthday songs are played when a student checks in the day before, the day of, or the day after a students birthday. You can even assign a unique song to each student.

Bar Code Scanner Compatible

The Studio Organizer is compatible with most bar code scanners and slot card readers so you can quickly record attendance or scan items into invoices. If you already have a scanner, you may be able to use it with the Studio Organizer as well.

Front Desk Attendance Computer

Would you like to dedicate one computer just to record attendance? No problem, and no additional software to purchase.

Customizable Check In Screens

Customizable attendance check in screens let you design the message that greets students when they check themselves in. Let your students know when they're eligible or almost eligible to test, expired or almost expired, or past due.

Let the Studio Organizer be the gate keeper -- it can even deny access to past due or expired students. And it can be password protected to prevent tampering.

Create Laminated Student ID Cards

Creating laminated student ID cards has never been easier. The Studio Organizer is compatible with Avery 5361 self laminating ID cards. Your can find the 5361 ID cards at most office supply stores, or online.

10 Student ID Card Designs

The Studio Organizer includes 10 student ID card designs, and the bar code font is included. All you need is a digital camera to take photos of your students and you can create great looking ID cards in just minutes. You can even change the font, size, style, color and spacing of the school name and address as they appear on the ID cards. Student #'s can be automatically assigned, or customized to your own numbering system.

Create Passcodes

Each student can have their own passcode. This can be used for attendance check in or as a security question for adults picking up kids after class.

Manage Your Staff

Staffers can clock in or out using the time card feature. There are four staff ID card designs to choose from. Staffers can also be students and check themselves into class using their staff ID card.

You can also create notes and follow ups and assign them to a staff member. Assigned notes and follow ups are confidential and cannot be view by other users with a staff access level password.

Create Passwords & Limit Access

It's easy to create passwords for yourself and your staff. There are two access levels: Admin and Staff. You can select which screens a staff member can view, limit the ability to delete records, and disable passcode or time card editing.

Powerful Reporting

There are a wide variety of reports. Who's past due? About to expire? Missing from class?

Keep track of attendance, finances, promotions, notes, follow ups and more...

Multiple Styles of Instruction

Do you teach more than one style of instruction? Or maybe you mix things up a bit and offer yoga just before Tai Chi. No problem. The Studio Organizer is the solution you've been looking for.

You can create as many styles of instruction as you wish. Each style can have it's own ranking system (or not) and next test eligibility requirements. You can even designate points to be completed at each skill level.

It's easy to enroll students in styles and classes. One student ID card is all that's needed for a student to check into any class. So whether your student shows up for Hapkido or BBJ, all the information such as attendance, skill level or rank, expiration date and next test eligibility is recorded by style of instruction.

Link Students

Linking students allows you to group siblings, spouses, friends or an entire family. Does Bill need to pay Suzie's tuition this month? No problem. Linking students makes it easy to access another student's information.

Invoices & Inventory

It's easy to create invoices for students or walk ins. Each time you print an invoice, all the items sold are automatically deducted from inventory. And finding items you'll need to restock is as simple as clicking the Reorder button.

Easy Invoicing for Any Tuition Plan

You can create invoices, statements and coupons for any tuition plan. Whether you charge weekly, monthly, annually or a fixed price for a set number of classes. The Studio Organizer will allow you create reoccurring tuition invoices for any time period, any amount. Just create an invoice then click the Duplicate button.

The attendance recording features will count classes and watch the dates or hours. Let the Studio Organizer keep track of who can or cannot check into class.

Point of Sale Hardware Compatible

The Studio Organizer is ready for optional point of sale hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers and touch screen monitors.

Class Schedule and Curriculum

Once you've entered your class schedule you can enroll students, create class rosters and assign skills and topics to be taught in this class, also known as curriculum.

Next Test Eligibility

The Studio Organizer is designed to be powerful and flexible and the Next Test Eligibility features are no exception. Using the AND / OR option you have ultimate control over when a student is ready to test.

For example, you can say a student is eligible to test if she has attended 20 classes OR it's been 30 days since her last test.

Or you can say she must have attended 20 classes AND have completed 100 points. Plus you can add a comments such as "Instructor approval Required."

You can also set a fixed test date, a required number of points, classes, hours, days or training days since their last test and mix and match any three requirements. It's also easy to keep track of students who are almost eligible to promote.

Record Promotions Fast

Using the Promotions Wizard you can create a Test List displaying each student eligible to test and their skill level or rank. You can even print certificates in advance of the test so they can be presented after testing is completed.

After testing the Promotions Wizard helps you quickly record the promotions, print certificates, and even enroll students in new classes.

Email, Certificates, Letters & Envelopes

Send customized emails to anyone and everyone. Or you can create personalized form letters and print envelopes for any group of students. There are over 100 merge fields that allow you to insert each student's personal information into a letter, envelope, certificate or email.

Built In Backup

Have peace of mind knowing your data is always backed up. Let the Studio Organizer create backups each time you open, close or manually select the Backup Wizard.

Free Email Technical Support

Asking questions is how we learn. Any time you have a question, just click the ? button on the screen where your questions occurs. The Support Wizard will help you clearly and concisely describe what's happening on your computer and eliminate the guesswork. You can even include screen snapshots so tech support can see the exact error message you're seeing. It's fast and easy.

Ask a question any time night or day and get an answer fast.... usually within one business day. Free email tech support means you never have to worry about the cost of asking a question. It's free!