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Asking questions is how we learn. Getting answers should be easy. That's why we offer a variety of ways to get answers fast.

For the most commonly asked questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, click the Email button on any web page.

Or download and install the Studio Organizer and test out the new Smart Support Wizard. Just click the Support button on the Studio Organizer screen where your question occurs, or select Technical Support from the Wizards menu. Use the Support Wizard to easily create an information packed tech support request.

Email tech support is free and unlimited! That means you'll never have to worry about hours of operation, busy signals, support contracts, or expensive fees. Your email will be answered fast! Usually within one business day.

New Features in
the Studio Organizer 5



Martial Arts Organizer 4 users, here are the changes that have been made since Version 4v44. Please read these notes carefully prior to upgrading.


Built Using FileMaker Pro 11
This software was built using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.


Here's a powerful new feature that's going to make a lot of school owners happy. Does your school have additional requirements each student must complete before testing? Are there particular skills that must be checked off? Or perhaps a written test, reading assignment, or community service is required before a student is considered eligible to test.

The new Points module allows you to make a list of any additional testing requirements, then check them off when they've been completed. The new Ranks Entry screen let's you determine how many Points are required for each rank, and the Points folder tab is where you'll enter each point and assign a value. Finally, the Record Points Wizard let's you quickly record completed points for a group of students.

This new feature is very powerful, so in order to understand how it was designed be to used, please be SURE to print and read the School Setup tutorial.


Did a student forget their ID card? Users can now check in using a passcode.

Passcodes can now be created for every student. Go to the new Custom Fields & Passcode screen and type in a passcode. Passcodes must be unique and at least four characters.

A Staff or Admin password with passcode access (see below) is required to view or edit a passcode.

Passcodes and student #'s are not displayed during attendance check. Instead bullets are displayed.

Passcodes can also be requested from adults picking up kids after class. Just tell your parents their child will only be released to someone who knows the correct passcode.


Staff Clocking In or Out with Passwords & Passcodes
Staff members can now clock in without an ID card during attendance check in.
This is done by typing "cin" or "cout" (no quotes) for Clock In or Clock Out.

Next, the employee has three options:

  1. They can enter their Employee # as displayed on the Staff screen.
  2. They can enter the password they use to open the software.
  3. They can enter the passcode assigned to their student record, provided the Student # and the Employee #'s are the same.
    See When a Staffer is Also a Student in the built in Help for details.

Here are a few examples:
If a staffers Employee # is "1231" he can enter "cin1231" (no quotes) to clock in.
If you've created a password for a staff member, and that password is "teacher789" the staffer can enter "coutteacher789" (no quotes) to clock out.
If a staffers passcode for his student record is "speedy" he can enter "cinspeedy" (no quotes) to clock in, provided the Student # of his student record is the same as his Employee # in his staff record.


Attendance - Resetting Previously Scanned Numbers
If you're reviewing the attendance log and find attendance records without a Student # displayed, this is normal. It's the result of adding the new passcode programming described above. The absence of Student #'s is cosmetic only, none of your attendance data has been lost. If you wish, you can correct this, but it is not necessary.

Here are the steps to reset previous attendance entries: Go to the Wizard menu at the top of the computer screen and select Edit Attendance. This will display the Edit Attendance window. Go to the Scripts menu in the menu bar at the top of the computer screen and select Reset Scanned Numbers. When processing is complete, a dialog will flash briefly. You can now close the Edit Attendance window.


Interface Improvements
The buttons on the left side of the screen have been replaced with menus.

The Uniform, Belt, Glove and Shoe fields on the Student Info screen now have an editable field above them that can be used as a label for the field. You can change these labels to anything you wish. The second field, which was originally "Belt" is displayed on the Test List printout.

"New" buttons have been added to the top left corner of many data entry screens. These replace many of the small + signs used for creating new Styles, Classes, Teams, etc. If there's a drop down menu below the "New" button, make a selection then click the button. You can also click on the item heading to create a new item. For example if you click on the text "Enrolled Classes" on the Attendance screen, or "Notes & Follow Ups" on the Notes screen, this is the same as clicking the "New" button.


New Passwords & Access Settings
The Accounts screen has been renamed Passwords & Access. Four new checkboxes have been added: Custom Fields, Passwords & Access, Passcodes and Edit Time Card. The passwords you've created in Martial Arts Organizer 4 will be transferred to the Studio Organizer, however none of the new check boxes will be checked.

Open the Studio Organizer with the Master password and go the the Passwords & Access screen. Review each password. Check the appropriate boxes. Make sure your personal password has all the boxes checked.

Please note the Master password is not designed for daily use. You'll only use it for certain administrator tasks, such as setting up the software, transferring files and updating to a newer version.

If you have not already done so, please be sure to create a password for yourself with full admin access.


Staff Screen
There's now a Password & Access folder tab on the Staff screen. You must create a Staff record for any person you wish to give a password. Passwords are now created by clicking the Create Password button on the the Password & Access folder tab of the Staff screen. To create a Password, single click the Create Password button and complete the Password & Access form.

Any users with an access level of Staff will only be able to view their own staff record when viewing the Staff screen. All other Staff records will display blank fields. So if you want your staffers to be able to view their own notes and follow ups, it's safe to check the Staff checkbox when you create their password.


New Custom Fields Screen
The Notes screen was a bit crowded so the custom fields were expanded and moved to their own screen.

You'll also find the Passcode, Rating, Previous Training, and Medical History fields on this new screen.

There are now six custom text fields, six custom date fields and six new custom file fields.

The six new custom file fields on the left can be used in two ways: to store a link to a file, or store the file itself.

When you click into an empty custom file field an Open dialog box appears. Select a file then check "Store only a reference" at the bottom of the dialog box if you wish to store only a link to the file. This does not store the file, only a link to the file much like a shortcut or alias. This is the recommended option since it will keep your data files much smaller.

Uncheck the "Store only a reference" checkbox if you wish to save the actual file contains inside the Studio Organizer data file. Use caution when doing so. Storing large files will increase the size of your main Studio Organizer data file. Also, too many large files are known to cause corruption.

Once you have a file linked or stored in a custom file field, to retrieve that file click on the field and a Save dialog box will appear. Select a location then click Save.

To clear a custom file field, click the red X to the right of the field.


the Preferences Screen
The Preferences screen has been redesigned.

On the General Preferences screen you'll find two new fields: Customer Label and Skill Level Label. These let you select if Customers will be called Students, Customers, Member or Clients. The second field lets you decide if Ranks will be called Ranks or Levels. (This changes were made because the Studio Organizer is being made available to dance, gymnastics and yoga studios.)

The Interface settings are now on a folder tab on the Preferences screen. The Studio Organizer has some new button designs you can select to change the appearance of your interface.


Backing Up
Each time you run the Backup Snapshot Wizard, a dated folder appears on your Desktop with four backup data files. Copy the folder to you USB flash drive, put it in your pocket or purse and drive home knowing your data is safe.

It's never been easier to backup.


Spreadsheet Style Reports

Once you've selected a report you like, you can view it in a spreadsheet format and modify it somewhat. For example you can click and drag a column heading to rearrange the columns. You can also resize a column by moving the cursor to the right of a column and clicking and dragging when the double arrow cursor appears.

There are other options that can be selected by moving the cursor to the column headings at the top of the screen. Unfortunately additional fields cannot be added. The report is limited to the fields that appear on the original report or screen. See Customizing a Spreadsheet Style Report in the built in Help for details.


Quick Find
The new Quick Find feature searches all fields at once. Just go to the View menu and select Status Toolbar. Type your find criteria in the Quick Find field in the top right corner of the status toolbar and hit RETURN or ENTER on your keyboard to create a found set.

Click the small arrow to retrieve previous searches.


Other Changes

There's a brand new Smart Support Wizard which will help you gather all the necessary information to get answers fast.

The Transferring Files Wizards have been completely redesigned and are much, much faster. They still perform in the same fashion. See the built in Help for details.

There's a new Registration Wizard that allows users to copy all of the Registration Code info, and paste it with just one click.

The School Setup screen is now called School Info.

Styles of Instruction, including all ranks and points, can now be duplicated with the click of the Duplicate button on the Style Entry screen. (Go to the School Info screen and click on any style name.)

The attendance log displayed during attendance check in now displays previously recorded attendance entries.

The Backup Snapshot Wizard now runs faster.

Added a Phone Numbers & Email report under the Student Info category.

Completely revised Class Entry screen.

Class Curriculum has been completely redesigned and integrates with the new points system. See the built in Help for details.

Employee #'s on the Staff screen can now be modified at any time. This will not change the Time Card entries already recorded. Be sure to print a new ID card if you change an Employee #.

The Security Key created by a user to disable the Master password can now be retrieved by technical support. Using the Smart Support Wizard is required.

Telephone support is not offered for this product, and has been discontinued for Martial Arts Organizer products.


Upgrading from Martial Arts Organizer 4

Please visit the Upgrading web page.

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