the Studio Organizer 6 Version History

 Version 6v55 - Released March 25, 2016


Fixed Reminders that did not display if set to "Start Time."

Fixes to the Find Options screen when creating a report involving Style information.

On the Style Details screen the Membership Plan Date is now editable and a drop down calendar has been added. This was done so previous Membership Plans can be added at a later date.

Corrected an error that would allow Staffers to edit Time Cards.


Version 6v54 - Released January 28, 2016

Added a warning if Open Edge log in credentials are empty.

Fixed the Clear button on the Vault screens.

Changes to Add Contact scripting.

Added Cancel button to Add Membership Plan dialog box on the Invoice Entry screen.

Fixed an error when adding a Shared Membership Plan.

The primary Membership Plan for a Style of Instruction can now be set by clicking directly on a Plan in the list of Plans displayed on the Style Details screen.

Several fixes for Membership Plans when adding them to Invoices from the Invoice Entry screen.

Added a Phone Primary field for exporting purposes. This will gather the phone number from the first Contact record marked as Primary.

Fixed a recurring request for email address when creating a Support message.

Added Nigeria to the list of supported countries.

Changes to registration code creation process.


Version 6v53 - Released January 15, 2016

Added a confirmation dialog box to the Customize Student # button on the Settings -> Students screen.

Fixed an error which caused the Opening Alerts message to display incorrectly if registration was checked.

Added a Taxable field to the Search Options screen for the Invoice Items report.

Added Mobile Phone to the list of Template Merge Fields.

Changed startup procedure: If an attendance wizard is selected to run when the software is opened, other opening alerts and reminders will not be displayed.

Windows users: Birthday songs now display correctly on the Students -> Attendance screen if a different song is selected from the list.

Open Edge users: Corrected an error that caused an "Invalid Session" error when attempting to process a refund for payments made with a credit card stored in the Vault. (MOTO transactions)

Added a Total Display switch to the Students -> Invoices screen. This will hide the total fields at the bottom of the screen. This is useful on older computers if there are many invoices and a significant delay in calculating the totals.

Added a Reset Main Window to the Settings -> Interface screen. This to used by Macintosh users lockedi into Full Screen mode. See the article in the built in Help for details.


Version 6v52 - Released November 20, 2015

Corrected Open Edge eCheck's being recorded as Retail. They now record as ACH.

Added Retail / MOTO field to the Payments Received report.

Prevent users from creating Staff records with unauthorized names.

Custom Counter now displays properly in custom attendance greeting message.

Changes to Support Wizard and tech support emails.

Added a Reset button to the Wizards -> Computers screen that will clear the list of authorized computers and devices.